4. Choice

Humans have the ability to choose, and thus can pick a direction.

Sidebar: Content from the BPM discussion database

  • 2004/07/30 Google's IPO as Dutch auction? {David Ing}
  • 2004/08/27 Reinventing government, President's Management Address; FEMA as part of Homeland Security; NASA on PMA {Gary Metcalf, 2004/08/18}
  • 2004/12/29 China to stop buying planes, macroeconomic control

Focus (purpose)

All together


Not recognizing changes; boiling the frog.

<< Examples to be incorporated >>

  1. NASA putting a man on the moon as a single goal (and now drift)
  2. Professional sports teams (e.g. hockey, basketball) versus all stars.
  3. The myth of best practice (reformation c.f. transformation)

<< Concepts to be incorporated >>

  1. Purpose, shared goals
  2. Ideals – aesthetics, ethics, morals, economics
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