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 =====4.1 How could there be more?===== =====4.1 How could there be more?=====
-Different from the parts.+How would you measure more?  If it's distributed,​ then do you need to measure it?  If the individual has more responsibility,​ they determine the more. 
 +The average 20th-21st century person has interpreted the more as material goods, which isn't good.  In addition, or otherwise, they may interpret more as more life (i.e. longevity). 
 +The idea of more, rather than the more itself. ​ If it's all done, then it's not so interesting. ​ The more is ephemeral, in the same way that Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for quality. ​ If they'​re less emphemeral, they'​re less powerful. 
 +The quest for more is more important than the  more. 
 +In the meantime, we argue over A versus B.   
 +Idea-seeking,​ more than ideal-seeking (especially with Plato seeing the ideal as fixed, which Ackoff tried to fix).  Can you get a class to work in an world in of ideas? ​ Most classes can't deal with ideas. 
 =====4.2 is there more for the individual and more for the group?===== =====4.2 is there more for the individual and more for the group?=====
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