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 =====4.1 How could there be more?===== =====4.1 How could there be more?=====
-Different from the parts.+How would you measure more?  If it's distributed, then do you need to measure it?  If the individual has more responsibility, they determine the more. 
 +The average 20th-21st century person has interpreted the more as material goods, which isn't good.  In addition, or otherwise, they may interpret more as more life (i.e. longevity). 
 +The idea of more, rather than the more itself.  If it's all done, then it's not so interesting.  The more is ephemeral, in the same way that Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for quality.  If they're less emphemeral, they're less powerful. 
 +The quest for more is more important than the  more. 
 +In the meantime, we argue over A versus B.   
 +Idea-seeking, more than ideal-seeking (especially with Plato seeing the ideal as fixed, which Ackoff tried to fix).  Can you get a class to work in an world in of ideas?  Most classes can't deal with ideas. 
 =====4.2 is there more for the individual and more for the group?===== =====4.2 is there more for the individual and more for the group?=====
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